BITA golf day

BITA 2014 Golf Day

BITA, the British Industrial Truck Association, held its 2014 Golf Day at Moor Hall Golf Club on 18 September.

A total of 30 players set off in the afternoon for the annual BITA Golf Day. The Moor Hall Golf course was in excellent condition  and the entire day was bathed in sunshine. Despite the inevitable drives into many trees and resultant recovery shots into bunkers it seemed everyone thoroughly enjoyed their day’s golf over 18 holes! Dinner was attended by 34 members and friends, during the dinner James proposed that David Callis be appointed the President of the BITA Golf society reflecting his unstinting loyalty to the day over the years. The entre Moor Hall Club looked after all players and guests extremely well and James was able to thank everyone involved during a short speech before the prize giving ceremony.

Kind sponsors for the 2014 Golf Day were as follows: Informa Exhibitions Ltd (IMHX 2016) Warehouse & Logistics News, Manbat Industrial Ltd, Instinctif Partners.

The 2015 date has been set, If you are interested in having a team or joining in with another group, please contact James Clark, Secretary General of BITA. So put it in your diary Wednesday 16th September 2015.


1st        Kris Boulton              EnerSys

2nd       Simon Barrell            Bendi Ltd

3rd        James Surridge        Warehouse & Logistics News

4th        Dave Summerfield    Hoppecke Industrial Batteries Ltd


1st        Team organised by Warehouse & Logistics News

2nd       CFTS Ltd

3rd        Hoppecke Industrial Batteries Ltd

Nearest the Hole 

Glen Collier – Briggs Equipment UK Ltd

Longest Drive 

Andy Dean – Still Materials handling Ltd

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