BITA – British Industrial Truck Association

British Industrial Truck Association.

The British Industrial Truck Association (BITA), the UK’s leading trade association for forklift truck manufacturers and suppliers, suppliers of associated components and services, and the material handling media, is now an integral part of the UK Material Handling Association, alongside the Fork Lift Truck Association (FLTA) and Consolidated Fork Truck Services (CFTS).

It continues to represent the interests of its members and lobbies for improved safety standards across the material handling sector through initiatives such as National Forklift Safety Day.


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With BITA an integral part of the UK Material Handling Association, the new association is now the 50-50 Joint Venture Partner in the IMHX Show, alongside Informa Markets.

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CFTS Thorough Examination training has been specially designed by the industry’s top authorities, BITA (British Industrial Truck Association) and the FLTA (Fork Lift Truck Association).

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BITA membership is open to fork-lift truck manufacturers, suppliers and service providers in the UK. Any company operating within one of those three groups is welcome to apply for membership.

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