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Engineering apprenticeships support career success according to new forklift industry survey

45% of senior managers in UK forklift truck companies started their careers as an engineering apprentice, according to a survey of British Industrial Truck Association (BITA) members.

The survey, carried out in late January and early February, to support National Apprenticeship Week, was based on a poll of the 25 companies making up BITA‟s Truck Suppliers Group (TSG).

At the same time BITA is unveiling a new suite of „forklift apprentices at work videos‟ to help promote the image of forklift trucks and engineering as a career choice for young people (see:

“A proper apprenticeship is not merely a training course, but instead a true career path leading right to the top,” comments BITA President Tim Waples, UK Director and General Manager of Doosan Industrial Vehicle UK, whose own career began with an apprenticeship. “It‟s vital that we engage with employers and colleges to promote the opportunities that are available to pursue satisfying and rewarding careers.”

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