BITA Announces Apprenticeships Initiative

BITA teams up with City of Bristol College to deliver ground-breaking forklift industry apprenticeships initiative

The British Industrial Truck Association (BITA) and City of Bristol College today announce a new strategic partnership, with the aim of ensuring the continued availability of qualified engineers for the forklift truck industry, while also widely boosting awareness of valuable engineering career opportunities for young people. By working together, BITA and City of Bristol College have created two much-needed services.

First of all, a BITA Programme Training Manager has been appointed to create a management link between the academic community and the materials handling sector, which currently does not exist. This is an independent post with a brief to work with schools to attract new apprentices, explore opportunities for securing Government funding, manage the volume of applicants, liaise with employers and maintain quality levels. Karl Baum, City of Bristol College’s Business Development Manager in Transport & Engineering Technology, will be heading up the operational team. His task will be supported by extensive communications materials, not least a promotional film that will depict the concept of the partnership, promote the industry and the commitment of its members, whilst also highlighting the career opportunities that exist. This film will be distributed to websites of targeted schools and colleges.

Click here for full press release.

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