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BITA contributes to new book on health and safety in the logistics industry

In its ongoing goal to raise safety standards across the material handling sector, the British Industrial Truck Association (BITA) has contributed to a new book outlining the latest Health and Safety guidelines as they affect the logistics industry.

Health and Safety in Logistics – Assessing and Avoiding Risk in Warehousing and Transportation has been written by Jerry Rudd, a logistics and supply chain professional with over 25 years’ experience, having worked with companies such as Ford, Peugeot, the Bank of England and Wincanton.

The book is intended to be a comprehensive guide to health and safety in logistics and covers every essential area, including risk assessments, safety in the warehouse and hazard avoidance in transport operations.

The book contains numerous references to BITA’s Guidance Notes and to support the publication, BITA also provided technical content relating to materials handling equipment.

The publication identifies logistics as a complex industry that exposes employees to a whole variety of risks. These include accidents on the road and deaths and injuries resulting from unsafe use of forklifts, as well as the consequences of poor fire safety, long-term health risks due to poor manual handling technique and problems relating to mental health.

Poor safety standards result in thousands of incidents being recorded every year, often with the most serious breaches leading to legal action by the Health and Safety Executive.

Health and Safety in Logistics informs managers about potential hazards found in the industry and explains in detail how they can make the workplace as safe as possible.

Targeting readers in the logistics and material handling industries, the book outlines the basic principles of good, such as establishing the best culture, progressing through to issues relating to physical and mental health, personal protection equipment, manual and mechanical handling, and safe transport operations.

It also provides the most up to date regulatory information on health and safety, such as the Health and Safety at Work Act (HASAWA). There is also a focus on assessment and elimination of risks, compliance and the avoidance of unsafe practices in logistics and transportation.

The importance of safely maintaining vehicles and proper driving standards, as well as the important role of managers in safe operation, for example by optimum vehicle routing, are all covered.

Endorsing the book, James Clark, Secretary-General, BITA said: “Jerry Rudd has brought together in a single volume a comprehensive introduction to health and safety covering the diverse aspects of the logistics sector. The provision of extensive references is especially valuable as it allows readers to identify further material when required. He has managed to present what is essentially a legal and technical subject in an eminently readable and accessible format.”

The book has also won the backing of the UK Warehousing Association and Acumen Logistics Group.

For more information on the book and how to order a copy, follow the link here

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