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BITA lifts industry standards with launch of new safety videos

The British Industrial Truck Association (BITA) is campaigning hard to raise safety standards across the material handling industry. To achieve this, BITA, which is the UK’s leading trade association for forklift truck manufacturers and suppliers, plus suppliers of associated components and services, has launched a new series of safety videos.

Aimed at raising awareness to specific practices as they relate to industrial trucks, each video highlights a separate safety issue with a view to eliminating risk when completing maintenance tasks.

The videos are targeted at the material handling industry in general, but specifically service engineers and their supervisors, health and safety managers and site operators.

The first video highlights good practice around jacking and blocking a forklift truck, whether the maintenance is being completed in-house or at a customer’s depot. Good practice around Personal Protect Equipment (PPE) is demonstrated, including what the engineer should wear and kneel on, as is the importance of selecting the right jack for the truck.

Isolating the operation of the truck is covered, together with the correct use of jack and the identification of correct jacking points on the truck.

The video also demonstrates which block should be used for the job and whether special blocks are required for a specific truck.

Incorrect procedures are also flagged up.

Finally, a downloadable checklist has been provided, highlighting the key points of the video.

Click here to watch the video.

The video is the first in a series of information films and was developed in conjunction with industry leading apprentice training provider F-Tec. Future titles will include: the importance of establishing a safe working area, and, avoidance of hazards when maintaining forklift trucks.

David Goss, Technical Manager, BITA said: “BITA is campaigning hard to improve safety standards across the material handling sector, as evidenced earlier this year with the UK launch of National Forklift Safety Day.

“We followed this with the Design4Safety Awards and these new videos are a logical extension to this. Each video is targeted at a specific area of maintenance operations, but I must stress, they are not a substitute for proper training. They can, however, be used in support of training programmes and as an important reference aid at a later stage, helping to reinforce key messages.”

The videos are available to view free-of-charge via the BITA website ( and will prominently on BITA’s social media platforms.

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