BITA Members Optimistic about Economic Outlook

Research confirms BITA members’ optimism as forklift truck market outlook continues to improve

Members of BITA, the British Industrial Truck Association, are overwhelmingly optimistic about general prospects for the UK forklift truck market over the coming 12 months, and many expect their own firm’s sales to rise significantly (i.e. by more than 10%) over the same period.

This evidence, the result of a qualitative survey1 carried out by Oxford Economics to inform the twice-yearly economic forecast it produces for BITA members, was unveiled at the BITA AGM on 6 May 2011.

The BITA members’ opinions echo the improving economic environment and the leading role for investment and manufacturing identified in the latest economic forecast document, The 2011 UK Forklift Truck Market Outlook, which is available exclusively to BITA members.

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