BITA reacts to the EU referendum result

James Clark, Secretary-General of BITA, comments: “The past week has been tumultuous for the country as a whole, but for the forklift truck industry it is very much a case of business as usual. There will obviously be ramifications in time as the schedule for the extrication from the European Union becomes apparent, but the process could well take months or even years so until that point our members will be committed to their existing processes and relationships. Our technical work continues and we have already begun internal processes to evaluate the impact of the Leave decision on our members and will use our global technical insight and influence to not only minimise its impact, but also to pursue the most favourable UK trading conditions.

“Our sector has weathered various storms in the past such as the lengthy global financial crisis and other economic threats and emerged all the stronger for it and we are confident that the industry can adapt to the evolving political climate and continue to be successful. With 2015 seeing the sector finally return to pre-recession levels in terms of orders and shipment for counterbalance and warehouse trucks, we are keen to keep this momentum going. We look forward to discussing this and other relevant issues with our friends and colleagues from the industry at IMHX in September.”

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