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Guidelines to help the Materials Handling industry stay safe during the Covid-19 pandemic

FS05 Thorough Examination June 2020 Update 2

FS04 Engineers Visiting Sites June 2020 Update

FS03 Safe Cleaning Methods for MHE June 2020 Update

FS02 Standing Down MHE June 2020 Update

In the current emergency, the ability of the logistics industry to maintain an uninterrupted supply of essential goods such as food and medical supplies is vital to the nation’s wellbeing – and the role played by the materials handling sector in this cannot be overlooked. Without MHE being able to operate at peak efficiency then the ability of the logistics industry to fulfil its requirements will be in jeopardy.

In its quest to help the materials handling industry remain operationally effective and to slow the spread of coronavirus (Covid-19), BITA has been producing a series of guidelines designed to help protect everyone working in the industry and, it is vital these recommendations are adhered to.

The notices we have produced cover issues such as the safe cleaning of MHE, deactivating equipment, the vital importance of keeping to service and Thorough Examination regimes, and the need to maintain training standards. These will be updated wherever necessary in order to reflect current health and safety requirements.

Here at BITA we stand ready to support the materials handling sector in whatever way we can, and we are urging an industry-wide adoption of the latest guidance to ensure everyone remains safe.

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