Innovative thinking characterises Design4Safety Awards 2019 – BITA

Innovative thinking characterises Design4Safety Awards 2019

The exhaustive work conducted by lift truck manufacturers and support services in the quest to make the material handling industry safer are being recognised at this year’s Design4Safety awards.

The awards, organised by the British Industrial Truck Association, highlight the importance of product or service design in improving safety standards. Focusing specifically on design, the awards recognise and celebrate innovative thinking – regardless of the type or cost of the product or service.

The awards will be announced during IMHX 2019, which takes place at the National Exhibition Centre in Birmingham between 24-27th September.

As well as offering the opportunity to highlight the crucial safety benefits of their individual products or services, the companies shortlisted will benefit from strong brand exposure before, during and after the event.

There are seven different categories in the competition, which together encompass every area of the materials handling industry. These are:

  • Automation & Robotics
  • Industrial Vehicles
  • Industrial Vehicles & Ancillary Products
  • Racking & Storage
  • Technology
  • Training & Operations
  • Warehouse Infrastructure

BITA Secretary General James Clark said: “Improving safety within the material handling industry has been – and remains – a strong priority for BITA. Only this year we have had the inaugural UK National Forklift Safety Day, which was organised to great acclaim and is helping to spread the positive message on the importance of good safety.

“Our Design4Safety Awards are a logical extension to this and the standard of entries this year suggests that manufacturers are taking seriously the goal of raising safety standards to the highest level.”

IMHX Event Director Rob Fisher added: “IMHX 2016 was a very successful event with more than 16,000 people visiting the NEC. The industry has changed a lot during the past three years but the focus on improving safety remains a constant and this is why we are delighted once again to be hosting the Design4Safety Awards.”

Winning entries will be selected based on the strongest evidence of a measurable contribution to the level of safety awareness, or rate of incident reduction, achieved by the design.

The judging panel for Design4Safety is:

  • David Goss, BITA (Chair)
  • John Munnelly, John Lewis
  • Kirsty Adams, SHD Logistics
  • Clare Bottle, Coca-Cola Enterprises
  • Peter Ward, UKWA
  • Dave Berridge, AMHSA
  • Steve Simmons-Jacobs, HSE

The shortlist for Design4Safety 2019 is as follows (for full summary of shortlisted entries see Appendix 1):

Category Company
Automation & Robotics Konecranes
  Mentor FLT Training
  Wessex Packaging
Industrial Vehicles Combilift
  Crown Lift Trucks
  Hyster Europe
  Toyota Material Handling UK
Industrial Vehicles & Ancillary Products B&B Attachments
  Curtis Instruments (UK)
  Interfit/Trelleborg Wheel Systems
Racking & Storage Garantell
  PD Industrial
  Storax UK
Technology Campisa UK
  Lesar UK
  Toyota Material Handling (UK)
Training & Operations Mentor FLT Training
Warehouse Infrastructure Advanced Handling
  Campisa UK
  Faraone UK
  Redhill Manufacturing
  Stommpy UK


Appendix 1

Design4Safety Awards – Entry Summaries


Category: Automation & Robotics



Automatic picking system Agilon helps to simplify warehouse activity by eliminating various stages in the selection process with products moved directly to the user access point. Agilon is also used as a pick-up point both inside and outside of retail stores, and at intelligent parcel kiosks in public places, replacing traditional parcel terminals.

Mentor FLT Training

Designed to standardise communication between forklift operators and those around them, the Show Your Hand campaign helps businesses reduce the risk of accidents and life-changing injuries involving forklift trucks. Mentor has received interest from the campaign both in the UK and globally.

Wessex Packaging

ErgoPack is a mobile pallet strapping solution that significantly improves the safety and ergonomics in the field of manual pallet strapping. It has helped to eliminate dizziness and exhaustion for operators at Amazon fulfilment centres.


Category: Industrial Vehicles


Toyota Material Handling UK

The BT Reflex with Optimised Truck Performance (OTP) and Transitional Lift Control (TLC) as standard. OTP assesses hazards and controls speed and mast reach to reduce the risk of accidents. TLC enhances smooth and fast mast operation to reduce the risk of loads being dropped.

Also nominated for the Traigo 80 HT, a class-leading high-performance and high-capacity truck for heavy-duty work. It includes a range of safety enhancements as a standard part of its design. These include Toyota’s unique SAS system, which has been protecting the driver, load and truck for over 20 years.


The Hyster® Fortens™ has been designed to combat the dust and debris of recycling sites and prevent the risk of fires breaking out. A unique bi-directional, radiator fan automatically changes direction every 20 minutes, for 20 seconds, blowing out unwanted dust and debris, thereby reducing clogging and the risk of overheating in combustible recycling and paper environments.


Combilift’s multi-position tiller arm allows operators to remain in the safest possible position when working in narrow aisles, reducing the risk of them being crushed or trapped between the truck and the racking. The tiller arm also incorporates a monitor which always displays the position of the truck’s rear wheel.

Crown – ESR 1000 with Gena

Gena has been developed to be the electronic ‘brain’ of Crown’s next generation trucks. A series of onboard sensors relay real-time data back to the truck operator, improving their operational decision-making. It has been designed with the complete safety of the operator in mind but in such a way that the operator is not overwhelmed by technology.


Category: Industrial Vehicles & Ancillary Products


Trelleborg Wheel Systems

The Pit Stop Line developed for Trelleborg Wheel Systems’ premium-range tyres lets operators and fleet managers know with 100% accuracy when these tyres need replacing.  As the tyres wear down an orange band appears on the tyre surface indicating that replacement tyres should be ordered and service fitting scheduled.

B and B Attachments

The LayerMaster attachment enables safer and faster loading, unloading and layer splitting, ensuring products are handled quickly, safely, and with a minimum use of resources. This prevents manual handling injuries caused by repetitive strain and incorrect lifting techniques.

Also nominated for the KAUP electrically operated fork positioner T160BE, which removes the need for hydraulics and enables greater fork precision. The capacity of the forklift truck is optimised but without jeopardising stability.


ELOprotect uses two laser scanners, a display and an operating module to monitor its environment.  The system is automatically activated when a truck enters a narrow aisle and detects hazards such as people, other forklifts or obstacles., bringing the vehicle to a complete standstill and emitting visual and acoustic warnings to pedestrians and drivers.

Curtis Instruments

Low-cost, brightly coloured LED lamps give advanced warning of an approaching hazard in a warehouse, where blind corners and noise could distract and endanger pedestrians.


Category: Racking & Storage



Garantell’s wire mesh decks are transparent, and flat support bars let sprinkle water and dust pass through. They are free of protrusions that might catch box surfaces and top wires are bent over the pallet racking beams, preventing the shelf from falling out.

PD Industrial

The power truck (Reloskate) has been specially designed to lift pallet racking structures without the need to dismantle or remove sprinkler pipes within the pallet racking, the first time the system has been used in the UK.


To improve the safety of mobile racking Storax developed a cost-efficient retrofit photoelectric (PE) sensor assembly. The PE brackets offer a long-term solution, helping bring existing customers up to recommended European safety standards.


Category: Technology


Campisa UK

The Campisa Fidelity drive system does away with the conventional drive system for a sectional overhead door and its potentially dangerous parts, replacing it with a console system that be used to operate both a sectional door and dock leveller.


Driver-assistance-system, ELOshield uses UWB technology to create warning and protection zones and can be configured according to specific requirements. These can be programmed in varying shapes (circular, symmetrical or customised), providing a protective buffer around moving forklifts.

Lesar UK

A personnel monitoring system aiding the evacuation of premises in the event of fire. All visitors are accounted for on an electronic log. The system displays evacuation routes and can be programmed with individual health and safety policies which all visitors must agree to before signing in. System can click generate a detailed fire report which is sent via email to a dedicated email address / group and printed for a physical roll call.


MyRTITB TrainingFriend software allows operators to be are tested correctly on more than 120 machine types, ensuring they are qualified to use the equipment safely. The software provides users with current assessment documentation and auto-marks the tests to avoid any manipulation.


ProGlove minimises dangerous contact between personnel and machines by integrating a handheld scanner into a smart glove enabling workers to proceed with their tasks hands-free, improving safety and efficiency.

Toyota Material Handling UK – 20th Anniversary of Toyota’s Systems of Active Stability (SAS)

By actively monitoring key parameters of the truck’s performance, the SAS system acts before an unsafe operation occurs thereby reducing the risk of possible accidents, while maximising pallet movements.

Toyota Material Handling UK – also nominated for Li-Ion Batteries

Toyota Lithium batteries offer significant operational gains over traditional lead acid as they are built in-house and are controlled internally, additionally, the systems are designed to be easy to use and maintain as Toyota’s existing diagnostics tools mean no third-party involvement.


Category: Training & Operations


Mentor FLT Training

(See Previous)


(See Previous)


Category: Warehouse Infrastructure


Advanced Handling

Static Scissor Lift Tables have a range of features to help improve health and safety and remove manual handling from the workplace. Features include external push button controls on 3m cable and adjustable platform height for improved user experience.

Campisa UK

(See Previous)

Faraone UK

The Faraone ELEVAH 40 provides a safer alternative to ladders for working at height. Compact, lightweight but robust and easy to control, it can lift an operator and tools or, in the case of the Picking version, stock up to 150kgs, achieving vertical reach of up to 4 metres.

Redhill Manufacturing

Robust Mobile Steps which undergo rigorous testing to be awarded the BSI Kitemark certificate. To meet size guidelines the range has been completely re-designed to make handrails, guardrails and treads safe. Instructions are displayed on product stickers as well as a comprehensive manual.


STOMMPY’s new Pedestrian Parapet with foot barrier creates linear/angular perimeters to clearly define pedestrian zones and segregate pedestrians in areas in which vehicles carry goods. Simple to install, it is suitable for food contact, UV resistant and water resistant.

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