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Membership Groups

BITA membership has three categories, covering the entire UK industry. This inclusiveness creates an excellent forum for component suppliers, service providers, and end-users to talk to truck manufacturers, and vice versa.

Truck Suppliers Group (TSG)

BITA’s Truck Suppliers Group now encompasses almost all of the companies supplying industrial trucks in the UK today. This includes not only UK-based manufacturers but also the UK operations of companies with manufacturing facilities outside the UK. The TSG meets every year at the BITA AGM to discuss issues that affect its members.

Components & Services Group (CSG)

BITA’s Components & Services Group is the forum for component manufacturers and suppliers of ancillary services. This is a very important category in the UK industrial truck industry, and includes a wide range of members with widely varying interests. Like the TSG, the CSG meets every year at the BITA AGM.

BITA Affiliates

BITA membership is open to specialist associations and bodies who support and advise the fork lift truck industry.

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