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New Guidelines Issued for Purchasing Pre-Owned MEWPs

The European Materials Handling Federation (FEM) has published new guidelines offering advice to businesses considering purchasing pre-owned Mobile Elevating Work Platforms (MEWP).

The new guidelines, which are available free of charge, have been issued by FEM Mobile Elevating Work Platform Product Group. The guidelines are intended to help companies avoid costly and potentially dangerous mistakes when purchasing a pre-owned machine.

The quality of pre-owned machines is often difficult to evaluate without specific knowledge of the machine’s history. The new guide therefore offers a range of advice such as purchasing from a reliable source, what documentation is required, how to authenticate MEWP ownership and the importance of a thorough examination of the machine by a qualified person prior to purchase.

The section on proper documentation is particularly detailed, covering the machine’s service history, inspection and thorough examination reports, the manufacturer’s operating manual, service maintenance manual, and the declaration of conformity. The latter is especially important as it is a mandatory requirement for machines placed on the European market.

David Goss, Technical Manager, British Industrial Truck Association (BITA) said: “Mobile Elevating Work Platforms – often called cherry pickers – are a very safe way of working at height for suitably trained operators. However, the quality of pre-owned machines, just like a car or electrical appliance, can vary and is often difficult to evaluate without expert knowledge.

“The new guidelines offer advice on a series of simple precautions which will help to minimise risk and ensure all documentation is correct.

“I would strongly recommend that anyone considering buying a pre-owned MEWP consult these guidelines before going ahead with any purchase.”

To download the guidelines, click here.

BITA is an active participant in FEM and is the UK representative at the FEM Industrial Truck product group.


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