Public consultation on Outdoor Noise Directive

hearing protectionA public consultation on an evaluation and possible revision of the Outdoor Noise Directive, 2000/14/EC, is running until 18th April 2018.

BITA is supporting a full revision of the OND. We believe that the burden to industry can be reduced whilst improving effectiveness. Along with our European partners at FEM, we are calling for withdrawal of the current database and reporting obligation, which should be replaced by indication of the noise level in sales literature, and the enablement of self-certification for all equipment types (both for noise limits and noise marking).

We strongly believe that the current equipment classifications requiring noise marking only, Article 13, and specifying noise limits, Article 12, should not be extended. The inclusion of additional equipment in either Article, or moving equipment from Article 13 to Article 12, would incur substantial costs for which no significant benefit has been established.

BITA recognises that a major benefit of the OND is commonality of noise limits, measurement methods and reporting requirements across the EU. However, market surveillance is generally ineffective and there currently exists a confusion of requirements across different Directives.

The European Commission particularly seeks contributions from industry and is assessing the costs of various options. The survey can be found here. If you require any assistance completing the survey or would like a copy of the detailed BITA response, then please contact

Outdoor Noise Directive – survey
Outdoor Noise Directive – information

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