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Knowledge of market trends is crucial for any business, but in the UK, BITA is the sole provider of industrial truck sales statistics, contributed by – and only made available to – BITA members.

Gathered and distilled into precise, pertinent and simple-to-apply statistical data by Systematics International Ltd, BITA’s sales statistics provide an ongoing illustration of market conditions as recorded by BITA’s 76 members.

BITA thus holds a unique repository of information on the current state and historical trends of the UK fork-lift market.

BITA Index

The BITA Market Index is a newly-created report that analyses sales trends through the prism of economic context to give a top-level view of the materials handling industry on both a sector and truck-type basis.


How It Works

Details of UK orders and deliveries are reported every month by members of BITA’s Truck Suppliers’ Group (TSG), using exclusive secure PC software. Aggregated monthly and year-to-date figures are made available on a confidential basis to all contributing TSG members.

Members of BITA’s Components & Services Group (CSG) also receive a monthly statistical overview, with the option to purchase more detailed information as required.

BITA members are thus equipped with vital knowledge of how the market is moving – a real asset when planning production levels for the year ahead.

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