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Technical Standards

Technical standards

Industrial trucks are sophisticated, powerful machines. To ensure the continued safe, efficient and environmentally-friendly performance of industrial trucks, they must be:

  • designed according to the latest technical standards and best-practice principles
  • maintained regularly and professionally
  • operated carefully to the letter of the law

On top of standards

The numerous standards governing design, manufacture, operation and maintenance of industrial trucks reflect the diversity of the sector.

These standards are continually reviewed and revised at an international level – with input from manufacturers and users. BITA facilitates this dialogue, maintaining a clear channel of communication between manufacturers, users and regulatory bodies.

BITA’s Technical Policy Committee

BITA’s role as an intermediary influencer and facilitator is enabled via the work of its Technical Policy Committee (TPC).

The TPC adds further value by alerting operators and users to the requirements and consequences of new standards, distilling the key points and actions required via regular executive briefings to BITA members, and in the frequently updated BITA Guidance Notes.

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