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BITA Guidance Notes

BITA’s Guidance Notes are detailed technical publications clarifying specific and crucial aspects of fork-lift truck operation. Created by members of the BITA Technical Policy Committee, chaired by BITA Consultant Bob Hine, BITA’s Guidance Notes epitomise the Association’s unique and highly valuable role as an interface between international standards-setting bodies and the industrial truck companies and users that must act upon their decisions.

BITA Guidance Notes are provided FREE to BITA members in two guises:

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Current BITA Guidance Notes

GN 9 90° Stacking aisle widths
GN15 Industrial truck leaf chains maintenance and inspection
GN19 Engine rating specifications for use in literature
GN26 Testing steering kick-back for 4 wheeled industrial counterbalanced trucks
GN28 Thorough examination & safety inspections of industrial lift trucks
GN29 Truck control levers
GN40 Handling of single suspended loads by rider controlled counterbalanced & reach trucks
GN43 Integral attachments for industrial lift trucks
GN44 Rough terrain high lift telescopic handlers training guidance
GN45 Double deep stacking and stability tests and rating
GN49 Rev 2 Engineers Working at Height

GN50 Tyre tread wear
GN51 Specification for indicator lights for container handling and piggy-back operations
GN52 Industrial trucks – floor surfaces and gradients
GN53 Double deep stacking operations
GN54 Specification for longitudinal load moment indicators for variable reach trucks
GN55 Compliance with the machinery directive and application of the CE Mark
GN56 Drive-In and drive-through racking
GN57 Industrial trucks on public roads
GN60 Operator restraint + HSE information sheet ‘Fitting & use of restraining systems on lift trucks.’
GN61 Planning & Management of Construction Sites for the Safe Use of Rough Terrain Telescopic Handlers
GN62 Maintenance, inspection & repair of fork arms & attachments
GN63 Solid Tyre Fitting Guidance
GN64 Press Fitting of Solid Tyres
GN65 Overhead Guard (Fops) Damage
GN66 Thorough Examinations under the provisions of LOLER & ‘E’ or ‘CE’ Mark
GN67 Multi-Piece Pneumatic Tyred Wheels – Inspection, Maintenance & Repairs
GN68 Lead Acid Traction Battery Applications
GN69 Lithium-Ion Traction Battery Applications

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