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Industrial Truck Service Engineer Training and Apprenticeships

BITA Members continue to report an ongoing shortfall of new recruits entering the materials handling industry, particularly in the crucial area of industrial truck maintenance.

This shortage of skilled engineers led to the creation of F-TEC, a joint venture between BITA and the FLTA. It’s a dedicated training facility committed to delivering the highest standards of engineer training.

Through F-TEC, employers, from world-leading manufacturers to independent companies, can access the UK’s most highly-rated Industrial Truck Service Engineer Apprenticeship Scheme for Levels 2 and 3.

Beyond this, F-TEC also offers Level 4 Master Technician training – equipping engineers with the diagnostic skills they need to achieve higher first-time fix rates.
Employers choosing F-TEC for their service engineer’s training benefit from:

  • A high-quality and well-managed programme
  • Skilled trainers with extensive practical experience
  • A wide variety of trucks to work with and on
  • The latest diagnostics equipment
  • Automotive technical content that’s been approved by the Institute of the Motor Industry (IMI)**
  • Funding in accordance with national rules (Apprenticeships only)

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