BITA members continue to report an ongoing shortfall of new recruits entering the materials handling industry, particularly in the crucial area of industrial truck maintenance. To help address this deficit and maintain a qualified workforce, BITA is encouraging its members to raise awareness of the wide range of career opportunities available to school and college leavers.


Along with the Forklift Truck Association (FLTA), BITA has created a joint Apprenticeship scheme to address the shortage of skilled engineers in our sector. For full details on this programme, please visit the F-TEC website

The Forklift Training Engineering Centre sets a new standard for apprenticeships in forklift truck engineering.

For students – high-quality training in essential maintenance and repair techniques as well as the skills needed to pursue a  career all the way to management level.

For forklift manufacturers and service firms – a steady supply of fresh new engineers to keep the industry running smoothly in the years ahead.

Pure forklift engineering course structure

The modern lift-truck market encompasses both internal combustion and electric power sources, which require different skills from maintenance engineers.

Thanks to pure FLT course content addressing both power sources, the F-TEC graduates will be equipped in the best possible way to work with the full range of products on the market.

New course structure

Advanced Level Apprenticeship qualification including IMI Awards accredited Diploma in FLT Maintenance & Repair (through fourth-year study).

Higher Apprenticeship qualification including exclusive BITA ‘IMI Awards Quality Assured’ certificate.

For more information on the F-TEC training programme visit the F-TEC page here