The F-TEC Process

Apprentices will register to start on an Intermediate Level 2 Apprenticeship in Lift Truck Maintenance and Repair with F-TEC. Upon registering, candidates will receive a workplace visit from their assessor to complete the enrolment and induction into the training programme.

The Intermediate Training Programme will be delivered over 2 years, combining on-the-job and off-the-job training in order to achieve the following components:

  • VRQ Level 2 in Lift Truck Maintenance and Repair Diploma (Knowledge); assessed through online multiple choice exams and assignments
  • VCQ Level 2 in Lift Truck Maintenance and Repair (Competence); assessed through a collection of workplace evidence and assessor observations on a range of jobs completed by the apprentice
  • Functional skills in Maths, English & ICT. This will be delivered through one-to-one visits in the workplace and e-learning. Apprentices will be exempt if they have attained GCSE/Key skills in these subject areas
  • Employment rights and responsibilities

Apprentices will attend F-TEC in Swindon for 5 week-long blocks per year.  Here, they will be provided with professional technical training, including interactive classroom lessons and practical training within the workshop.

Competence will be assessed by regular visits from the F-TEC assessors, who will visit apprentices every 10-12 weeks in the workplace. Between these visits, the apprentice will work in collecting evidence to submit on their electronic portfolio as well as working upon set assignments.

For employers, F-TEC will provide full joining information. This will include the apprentices training dates for the year ahead and, additionally, our assessor will provide their schedule for the year in relation to workplace visits.

Training is fully funded for apprentices aged under 19. For those aged 19 – 24, an employer contribution of £1,500 per year is required towards the cost of the training. For anyone over 24, there is no Government funding and the course will cost £4,800 per year.

Additional costs will include accommodation, lunch and travel to the centre. F-TEC have negotiated a daily rate of £85.10 with a local hotel, including bed and breakfast, 2 course dinner, use of leisure facilities, and transport to and from the training centre. An optional daily charge of £7 can be paid to F-TEC to provide drinks, snacks and lunch for the apprentice.

*After successful completion of Level 2, there is the option to progress to Level 3 (Advanced Apprenticeship). This qualification, delivered over 12 months, will lead to apprentices being fully skilled engineers.

If interested to find out more, contact us for a discussion on 01793 686182 or email karl.baum@f-tec.org.uk.