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Operator Training

Raising the standards of forklift truck training in the UK

Working with RTITB, our collaboration is aimed at raising the standards of forklift truck training in the UK. By formalising our existing close working relationship, the two organisations hope to achieve a number of common goals, namely:

  • Raising awareness of the logistics sector amongst a younger audience and promoting it as an attractive career path;
  • Harnessing current and emerging technology to ensure accessibility to training for the modern, technology-driven audience;
  • Promoting and supporting high standards of training and safety to minimise risk and accidents involving workplace transport.

Since our formation over 75 years ago, BITA has existed to ensure trucks produced and sold by our members are inherently safe to operate. By extension, we have also worked with our members to improve safe standards of operation; training is, of course, a very large part of that initiative.

To discover more about Operator Training, click here to visit the RTITB website.

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